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Why Do I Suffer from Inefficient Air Conditioning in Miami?

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Air conditioning in Miami is a potent weapon in our constant battle against our heat and humidity. With it, you can make your home comfortable during even the hottest and muggiest days. Accordingly, when your air conditioning unit doesn’t function as efficiently as it should, you really tend to feel it. It may struggle to keep your house cool, and even if it succeeds, it may end up costing you far more than it should in monthly electric bills. Why do you suffer from inefficient air conditioning? The answer probably lies within one of two broad categories.

The most obvious answer is that your air conditioning unit is in need of maintenance or repair. When problems arise with your air conditioner, it tends to impact its efficiency the most. Whether it’s a blockage reducing air flow, leaking refrigerant reducing its ability to cool the air or just an overworked component that’s struggling harder than it should, it keeps the unit from functioning at top levels. That means it must expend more energy than it might and your electric bills go up accordingly. In many cases, you can correct this issue simply by scheduling a repair call or maintenance session from a qualified professional.

Another – and potentially more costly – explanation is that your air conditioning unit isn’t right for your house. AC systems need to be sized to fit the space they are intended to cool. If they’re too small, they’ll constantly struggle to work: resulting in warmer temperatures and/or higher bills. If they’re too large, something similar happens: they cycle on and off rapidly throughout the day, increasing wear on the unit and using up far more energy than they should. (This runs counter to the accepted logic that a bigger, more powerful unit is automatically the most efficient.) In such cases, the best solution is to replace the unit with something more efficient, after a professional has inspected your home and determined the best size for it.

If you suffer from inefficient air conditioning in Miami, it pays to talk to the experts at Air on Demand. We’ll perform the repairs or installation you need to make your air conditioner perform at its best. Call us to set up an appointment today.

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Miami Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Problems Caused by Ducts

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

You probably don’t often think about the ductwork inside your home because it is usually hidden, doing its job of distributing comforting, cool air. But because your ductwork remains out of sight, when it develops problems they can be difficult to detect and diagnose. In Florida, our wet climate poses a particular hazard to ducts because it can lead to corrosion and the introduction of contaminants.

We’re going to go over some problems that faulty ducts can cause. When you need professional work performed on your ducts, contact the Miami air conditioning repair specialists at Air on Demand.

  • Inefficient heating: Ducts that are broken, badly designed, or poorly installed will lower your air conditioner’s ability to keep you cool. Defective ducts will allow in air from parts of the house that are warmer than the rest, raising the temperature.
  • Inefficient energy use: If your air conditioner must work harder to reach the temperature you want, it will require more energy to run. You might notice an increase in your energy bills because bad or broken ducts are letting in warmer air or allowing dust to clog up the air filter.
  • Poor air quality: If you notice that your home is always dusty even though you work hard to keep it clean, then the dust may be coming out of the vents in your air conditioning—and you wouldn’t want to be breathing that! Broken ducts will gather more dust, and in turn circulate it around your home.

At first, you may feel tempted to grab the duct tape and try to seal up these breaks yourself. However, no matter its name, duct tape is not sufficient to close up these gaps. It will require a professional with special mastic sealant to do the job. You should also rely on a professional to diagnose the problem, since ducts are only one culprit for the three problems above.

Air on Demand has on-staff ductwork experts who can perform any necessary repairs or replacements you need. We also install air cleaners and purifiers to eliminate contaminants and make certain the air coming through your ducts is the best quality possible. Call us today to set up an appointment for air conditioning repair in Miami that will suit your needs. 

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Humidity and Air Conditioning in Miami, FL

Monday, September 16th, 2013

One of the first things people think of when they hear the name “Florida”—aside from sunny vacation spots—is the humidity. The moisture in our air can be very heavy, especially during the summer, but it’s something we have to live with during the rest of the year as well. Your air conditioner also has to live with it, and humidity presents specific problems that can damage your AC or prevent it from providing you with a constant and energy-efficient level of cooling.

Any of these troubles could leave you with a struggling AC, or no AC at all. Look to Air on Demand and our experienced work on air conditioning in Miami, FL for help if any of these problems appear:

  • Biological pollutants: The growth of bacteria and other irritants is a serious concern in a humid climate. The dark and moist places inside the ducts of your air conditioning are a prime region for unwanted biological pollutants to develop. If the growth isn’t checked, it can lead to reduced air quality and possible damage to the AC’s components. The best way to combat this contamination is with professional installation of UV germicidal lights, which both kill microbacteria and discourage it from returning.
  • Corrosion in the ducts: You’ve probably seen what moisture can do to metal: corrosion and rust. If this occurs inside your ducts, it can lead to breaks. Breaks are responsible for many problems, from poor air quality  to an overworked AC. It’s hard to see the inside of your ducts to know if they are developing these problems, but if hot air with an unusual smell starts to come from your vents, duct breaks may be the culprit. Get a professional in as soon as possible to diagnose what’s wrong.

The best path to protect your air conditioner from the humidity is to have it regularly maintained. Get in touch with our qualified experts at Air on Demand today before the problems start.

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Miami Air Conditioning Question: What Is an Air Handler?

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Modern air conditioners have developed and evolved tremendously since they were first invented in 1902. Today’s air conditioning systems have numerous parts required to keep your home cool and comfortable—and this is doubly important in a city that can get as hot and humid as Miami. In this post, we’ll give you an introduction to one of the key parts of your Miami home’s air conditioning system, one that our highly trained technicians at Air on Demand often hear our customers asking about: the air handler.

Air handlers, also called air handler units (AHUs), take care of the job of moving the cooled air from your air conditioning system around your home. While the outdoor section of your air conditioner does the work of dissipating heat into the air outside, the air handler delivers cooled air into your living space. In short, the air handler is the “indoor” part of your AC system.

The air handler contains many important components: a blower fan, an evaporator coil and other cooling elements, and the air filters. All of these parts are necessary for the air handler to perform its vital job. Wear and tear, dust build-up, breaks, and the effects of the sometimes extreme weather conditions in Miami can cause your air handler to work less effectively—and perhaps break down entirely. If your air handler isn’t operating at peak efficiency, the outdoor unit will have to work harder to provide a comfortable temperature inside. And a broken air handler means no cool air at all!

Keeping your air handler working efficiently is necessary for your AC to provide you with the cool air that you need. The Miami air conditioning professionals at Air on Demand have years of experience working with air conditioning systems and the many variables involved. We are ready to answer your concerns regarding your air handler and help you keep it running like it was new.

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Happy Labor Day!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

On the first Monday of every September, we celebrate Labor Day in honor of workers everywhere who strive to make our local community and country great. We enjoy the holiday like any other business as a time for BBQ, hanging out with friends and family, and celebrating the end of summer. It also means the start of the NFL and college football seasons.

The origins of Labor Day are disputed, as is the case with many other holidays. Some cite Matthew Maguire, the machinist and secretary of the Central Labor Union of New York, while others cite Peter J. McGuire of the American Federation of Labor. Whomever the original founder, by 1894, the holiday had become widely recognized and was designated a federal holiday by Congress and President Grover Cleveland immediately following the Pullman Strike. This strike pitted US Marshals and US Military against employees of Pullman Palace Car Company outside Chicago, as workers sought to protest wage cuts and the firing of union representatives. At the time, the holiday was a way of repairing ties with workers and recognizing the importance of their contributions.

Today, we see Labor Day as an opportunity to recognize all the people who work hard to contribute to our county. Thank you, and Happy Labor Day from all of us! 

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