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Common Air Conditioning Fan Noises in Miami, FL

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Is your air conditioner starting to make strange fan noises? Whether it has only just begun or has been an ongoing problem, now is the time to call the experts at Air on Demand for more information and to schedule repair service. We will come out to your home to professionally diagnose the problem and to offer you a solution. Call us today.

While the range of sounds produced by an air conditioner system varies from home to home, there are certain noises that may be specific to the fan, whether it’s part of the outdoor compressor unit or the indoor air handler. Below are some common air conditioning fan noises that you may hear in your Miami, FL home.

  • Ticking or clicking may mean that some foreign object is obstructing the rotation of the fan blades. Occasionally, this means a fallen branch, but it can also indicate a loose part within the internal mechanism that will require a professional to repair.
  • Humming may not indicate a problem with your fan directly, but rather with one of the motors operating your fan. If the fan in your air conditioning system does not work properly then it will not be able to distribute air efficiently throughout your home.
  • Rattling can indicate a problem with one of the pulleys that makes your fan rotate. Your fan may be damaged or no longer synchronized with the system.
  • Squeaking may be the result of an excessively dry fan, or possibly dried out bearings. Don’t let a simple problem like a lack of lubrication put the operation of your air conditioner at risk.

Remember that your air conditioner is a complex system, which is specifically calibrated for your home. Altering parts of the system without the knowledge and skill of a professional poses a risk to its efficiency and effectiveness. It also poses a risk to you. Servicing HVAC equipment can be dangerous without professional training. Call an air conditioning repair technician at Air on Demand today for more information or to schedule service. We’ll keep your air conditioner in Miami, FL operating properly.

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Air Filters and AC Repairs in Miami, FL

Monday, February 18th, 2013

In Miami, FL, your air conditioning system provides you with a cool and comfortable home. Air on Demand wants to help you maximize the efficient operation of your HVAC system with the appropriate maintenance and repair services. There is no substitute for crisp and clean air during the hot spring and summer months, and you keep yourself and your loved ones happy this cooling season by signing up for a maintenance plan with Air on Demand.

The air filter is one of the most important components of the AC system. The purpose of a filter is to clean the air by preventing the passage of dust, pollen and other allergens into your home. Also, air filters keep the internal components of your system clean and working by preventing the accumulation of unwanted materials on blower parts and fan motors. The filter not only helps your indoor air quality, but also ensures that our air conditioning system operates efficiently. Maintaining the effectiveness of your AC unit means cleaning and replacing your air filter when necessary.

However, air filtration is only one aspect of air conditioning operation. In Miami, where air conditioning is indispensable to your comfort and health during the cooling season, you may find that your AC system is having one of the following problems:

  • Shutting on and off frequently
  • Ice building up on its parts
  • Refrigerant leaks

Such symptoms indicate that your system needs fast and reliable repair service. If not handled properly, such first indications may lead to more extensive problems.

As a local Miami air conditioning company, Air on Demand emphasizes the importance of careful inspection, routine maintenance and high-quality repair. That said, also knowing how to weigh the costs of repair versus replacement, and it is part of our mission to making sure your home is energy-efficient and budget-friendly.

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Understanding the Importance of Ductwork in Your Home

Monday, February 11th, 2013

*Air On Demand no longer offers duct sealing or repair services. Please visit our ductwork service page to learn more about our ductwork options.

Dcut Sealing | Miami | Air On DemandMost home owners hardly ever think about the ducts in their home unless there is an issue. However, leaky ducts themselves are a huge problem in many homes and many homeowners are not aware of the potential danger and financial loss caused by this. John Lippert, a specialist in energy efficiency and renewable energy, wrote this great article about the threat of leaky ducts for the U.S. Department of Energy website.

  • Leaky or damaged ductwork will leak conditioned air into the attic or crawlspace, costing you money and decreasing efficiency
  • Backdrafting can draw carbon monoxide down your chimney, which can be very dangerous to you and your family
  • Warm moist air can be pulled from outside due to leaky ducts, leading to mold and mildew in your home
  • Duct tape IS NOT the solution for leaky ducts, leave duct sealing to the professionals

Air On Demand offers ductwork installation, maintenance, repair and sealing services in the Miami area. Let us help diagnose your energy efficiency issues and make sure no hazardous backdrafts or mold growth is occurring in your home. Call Air On Demand today!

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Why Does My Pool Heater Need Refrigerant? A Miami Pool Heater Question

Monday, February 11th, 2013

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

One of the benefits of living in Miami is that we get to enjoy a lot of warm weather. If you have a pool, you likely want to enjoy it as often as possible. During the winter, your pool heater works hard to keep the water warm. Having an understanding of how your pool heater works is a great way to be able to recognize problems when they start to develop. A great place to start is with a quick discussion of how your pool heater uses Refrigerant.

How a Gas-Fired Pool Heater Works

Pool heaters work very similarly to the heating systems in your home: instead of heating water they heat air. With a gas-fired pool heater, the flame heats up a series of copper coils. Cool water from the pool is pulled into the heating system and passed through coils. The hot water is then recirculated back into the pool.

How a Heat Pump Pool Heater Works

Obviously, gas-fired pool heaters don’t use Refrigerant. However, heat pumps do. Instead of burning gas to create heat, heat pumps are able to move heat from one place to another. Heat pumps use a refrigerant to absorb heat from the outside air and move it into your pool water. A fan blows warm outside air over a series of coils that are filled with Refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and carries it into another series of coils. Water is passed over the hot coils where they absorb heat. The new warmer water is then pumped back into the pool.

If you need pool heater repairs in Miami, call Air on Demand. We can send one of our expert technicians to your home to quickly repair any problems.


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Miami Pool Heater Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Your Pool Heater

Monday, February 4th, 2013

*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

Owning a swimming pool is a great luxury. And with a properly functioning, efficient pool heater from Air on Demand you can enjoy your swimming pool for more of the year and with greater comfort. In order to get the great performance you deserve from your pool heater, though, you must take a few steps to keep up its operational levels. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your pool heater in Miami .

The first step that you must take to get the most efficient pool heater possible is to schedule a professional installation with a service provider that you can trust. If you live in the Miami  area, that is as simple as calling the pool heater experts at Air on Demand. If your pool heater installation is botched or your heater is improperly sized, it is just not possible for you to get the level of heating performance that it should be capable of.

Pool heater maintenance is the perfect way to keep your heater working as efficiently and effectively as possible. We offer a great 8-point pool heater maintenance plan, including the checking and cleaning of the contactor, fan motor, capacitators and more. If you pool heater is not in prime operating condition then you should not be forcing it to operate. Having it professionally inspected and tuned up is the best way to ensure that you are not putting its performance or condition at risk.

When your pool heater exhibits signs of a problem, whether it is not working effectively or at all, it is important to schedule professional repair services immediately. Call us the moment that you suspect there is a problem with your heater. The longer issues go unresolved the more serious they are likely to become.

Do not let your pool heater cause you problems. Call Air on Demand today to get the pool heater services you need in Miami . We’ll make sure that you are able to get the most out of your pool heater.

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