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Meet the Team

Jessy  (Office Manager/ Install Coordinator / Dispatch Rep)

Jessy is the Office Manager or as we like to call her, The Jack of all Trades. Jessy is an amazing part of Air On Demand. Jessy is usually the first point of contact when you call AOD for service. She does tasks from dispatching, account management, customer service and so much more! Jessy has been with Air On Demand since 2014 and helps keep everyone on track which allows our technicians and installers to provide you with the excellent and time efficient service. Jessy’s favorite part of her job is when she able to help customers receive same day service.

Kay  (Marketing Coordinator / Dispatch Rep)

Kay is another one of our AOD office ladies. Chances are, when you call in, she is one of the warm voices that greets you and uncovers your needs. Although she is new to the HVAC industry, she has been in the marketing field for years. Besides helping customers in a timely manner, her favorite part of the job is all the creatives from e–blasts, to advertisements and social media campaigns. If its creative, she’s on it! In her spare time she loves teaching and taking yoga classes and researching how to be a millionaire. Hopefully one day she can teach us all yoga here!

Larry (Service Manager/ Warehouse Manager/Dispatch Rep)

Larry is another member of our team who is a jack of all trades! Larry joined us last year to make service calls more convenient for both the technician and the customers. Larry keeps the warehouse inventory stocked and trucks fully equipped with the necessary parts for most jobs. If a job requires a part that isn’t available, Larry is always to the rescue!

Mike (Senior Estimator)

Mike is our Senior Estimator. Although mike has been with Air on Demand for a little over a year, he has extensive experience with HVAC as he’s been in the industry since 1980. If you are calling for a new system or duct estimate, Mike is your guy! He works around your schedule as much as he can to meet request and gives you quality service and fair pricing. When Mike is off, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family as work–life balance is extremely important here at Air On Demand. He can also be found playing pool, riding bikes, and kayaking.

Chris (Installation)

Installation and Equipment Specialist, Chris Lanigan has been with Air on Demand for over a decade with 25 years of HVAC experience. When Chris is not at work, he loves hosting and attending BBQ’s, and spending time with friends and family.

Raz (Residential Equipment Installer)

Introducing Raz! Raz has been a part of the HVAC industry for over 20 years and has joined Air On Demand as a Residential Equipment installer in 2013. With Raz as your installer, you can always expect the best service possible as his favorite part about his daily jobs is seeing customers happy with the work he has done. When Raz is not out installing HVAC equipment, he is out riding his bike and enjoying nature. Another favorite pastime of his is watching car and motorcycle races and grilling.

Adam (Lead Service Technician)

Adam has been with Air On Demand since April of 2016, but has extensive experience in the Heating and Cooling field with 22 years under his sleeve. Adam states his favorite part about working HVACR is being able to uncover the customers needs and leaving them happy and cooling.

TJ  (Maintenance Technician)

TJ has been with the company pretty much since he was born working in the office during the summers. He finally entered into the field in 2010. He enjoys working with Air On Demand because he is able to work with his family, the founders of Air On Demand. On his free time he loves to play sports and preparing to be be a fire fighter.

Lee  (Technician Aide)

Lee joined out team right out of school. Since then he has gained 2.5 years of hands on experience as we love to train our technicians on the job. You will find lee aiding in Installs, Duct cleanings, maintenance and more as he loves providing excellent quality work and customer service to our AOD clients. When he is not on the job making customers happy, Lee loves spending quality time with his children and family.