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Hurricane AC Tune–Up Services


Miami’s unique climate is especially rough on our AC Units. Not only do they have to suffer through blistering heat, but also tropical rainstorms. These storms can bring hurricane-force winds, flash-floods, and lightning strikes which can lead to power surges. Your air conditioner has to work when you need it most, so make sure it’s in top shape with the only complete Hurricane Tune-Up in the South Florida area.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Miami, FL

We will give you a complete 31-point diagnostic evaluation, refresh your cooling system with up to one pound of Freon, thoroughly clean your condenser coil, flush your condensate drain line, and install a surge protector to keep your AC’s electronics safe.

AC Tune-Up 31 Point Diagnostic Evaluation Includes:

Take exit and return air temperature Check filter(s)
Check thermostat Check amp draw of outdoor fan motor
Check outdoor fan blade and hub Check amp draw of compressor
Inspect compressor Inspect control boards
Inspect compressor (main line) contactor Load test all applicable run capacitors
Check start device Check fuses
Inspect wiring Inspect service disconnect
Inspect breakers Check and tighten electrical breaks
Check refrigerant pressures and levels Check superheat
Check sub-cooling Inspect outdoor coil
Check amp draw of indoor (blower) motor Inspect blower wheel
Inspect duct system Inspect metering device
Check operation of condensate overflow prevention switch Check condensate drain lines for cleanliness/pitch
Check drain pans Inspect evaporator coil
Inspect air handler cabinet Inspect voltage regulator
Inspect refrigerant line insulation  

That’s a $600 value for only $189.00! We also offer AC Repair service in Miami, FL and the surrounding area.

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