Can Your Air Conditioning Problem Be Repaired?

April 27th, 2015

If you have an older air conditioner, it can be tough to guess whether a problem is indicative of a failing system. Unless you have experience repairing air conditioning systems, it is not so clear whether an air conditioning issue means that it needs to be replaced. You hope repairs are possible, but you do not want to repair a system that will only break down again sometime soon. While only a contractor can tell you for sure, here are a few signs that air conditioning replacement may be the best option. Continue Reading

How Can Duct Repair Improve Your Air Conditioning?

April 20th, 2015

The ducts in your home provide a pathway from the air handler to the vents in your home. Any disruption in this path—kinks in the ductwork, holes, cracks, or even a collapsed duct—makes it a lot more difficult for air to move efficiently. Cold air begins to fill unoccupied spaces, such as the attic or crawlspace, and though it may still enter your home, it does so slowly. This means that you end up paying extra to cool the living spaces, which is why prompt duct repair is so important. Continue Reading

What Can You Do to Prevent Air Conditioning Repair?

April 13th, 2015

If you’ve ever been stuck without air conditioning on a hot summer day, you know that this is never an ideal situation. You’re left looking for a reputable AC company to come out during the busiest season while you search for ways to keep cool. Why not take steps today to prevent AC repair later on? Using your air conditioning system efficiently, changing the air filter regularly, and scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance service with an HVAC professional can all help to keep your air conditioning system in top shape for the cooling season. Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Today

April 6th, 2015

Are you considering passing on your annual air conditioning maintenance visit this year? You may want to think again. Scheduling maintenance now means you likely won’t encounter any stress about your AC system later on in the season. Annual AC maintenance gives you peace of mind that your unit will perform at its best throughout the season, and that any repairs will be few and far between. Whether it has been five years or one year since your last maintenance check, now is the best time to schedule a visit, and here are three good reasons to call today.

1. Maintenance Improves Efficiency

One of the primary reasons homeowners get on a maintenance schedule is that regular maintenance can help a homeowner to save money over the years. A lot of dust and debris can collect over the span of a year, and cleaning off some of the parts allows them to run in top condition once more. When everything works together as intended, your unit can run as efficiently as it was designed to.

2. Prevent the Need for Repairs

Regular air conditioning maintenance can reduce the chances that you will need to make any major repairs for the rest of the cooling season. This is because a one-time tune-up involves steps which remediate some of the problems that commonly occur with AC systems throughout the year. Straightening bent coils, for example, allows heat to dissipate outdoors with ease. Tightening electrical connections prevents the need for electrical repair.

3. Extend the Lifespan of the Unit

If you could hold off on air conditioning replacement for just a year longer, wouldn’t a maintenance visit be worth it? It’s no secret that air conditioning systems do not come cheap, so keep your unit around for longer by taking one day out of the year for a visit from an experienced technician.

Call the professionals at Air on Demand for air conditioning service in Homestead, FL. We can help you to prepare for warmer weather with a thorough AC tune-up and full inspection.

Why You Should Consider Replacing Your AC Before a Breakdown

April 2nd, 2015

You’ve depended on your air conditioner for many years, and so far, it’s served you well. However, it’s a tough fact to face, but eventually, your air conditioning system will break down. Many homeowners do not ever consider replacing their air conditioning systems until a total system breakdown occurs. But this can end up being a costly and inconvenient mistake.

At Air on Demand, we recommend replacing your air conditioner before it breaks down. When an air conditioner reaches a certain age, it’s often worth it to take the plunge and find an efficient replacement to last you another several years. Give us a call today for air conditioning installation and replacement in Homestead and the surrounding areas.

Older air conditioners cost a lot to run

Is your air conditioner over 10 years old? If so, you’re probably paying quite a bit on your monthly cooling costs. An air conditioner already takes up a large portion of your bills during the cooling season. And when you have an older air conditioning system, it likely occupies an even larger portion of your energy spending. This is because older air conditioners have worn-down components and are simply not designed to run as efficiently as newer models.

Besides, your old unit may require repairs frequently. It actually costs a lot less to replace an entire system than it does to replace each component individually. Choosing a quality contractor to replace your unit now means fewer service calls, lower energy costs, and better performance so that your family members feel more comfortable.

A sudden AC breakdown may be costly

If your air conditioning system were to break down suddenly on a very hot day, you would have a lot of unexpected expenses to worry about. You may have to take a day off of work to deal with the problem, or find another place for your family members to go during the day. And replacing a broken unit is often more expensive than replacing one that works. But when you schedule replacement ahead of time, you can plan for the cost, decide on any potential financing options, take the time to choose a new unit, and feel more prepared for the entire experience.

Call the friendly people at Air on Demand today for professional air conditioning installation in Homestead, FL.

Choosing a Quality Air Filter for Your HVAC System

March 25th, 2015

Picking up an air filter for your HVAC system is as easy as going to your local hardware store and grabbing the one that fits your unit—right? Not if you want quality filtration for your indoor air quality. As it turns out, air conditioning and heating filters were not originally designed to improve our health. In reality, a filter’s first function is to keep debris out of the HVAC system. Imagine if a large piece of debris jammed a motor. This would result in a costly repair, which is why a filter first and foremost protects the unit.

Over time, professionals found ways to filter smaller particles out of the air with more advanced air filtration systems. The HVAC filter you use currently does provide some level of filtration. But it may not filter some of the most common contaminants that stay in the air you breathe. A quality air filter will help to eliminate some of the most common pollutants found in homes in Miami, FL. So how do you choose the right one?

Look for the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating! The MERV is a number 1-12 which lets you know how effective that filter is. A filter with a MERV of 3 is effective enough to eliminate dust mites but not pollen in many cases. A MERV of 4 can get rid of pollen, while it takes a MERV of 8 to eliminate mold spores that pass through the filter.

Unfortunately, if you choose a filter that has a MERV that is too high, it can damage your system. Your air conditioner needs a certain amount of airflow in order to work properly, and a filter that is too thick will prevent air from flowing in, which could lead to frozen coils and overworked parts.

It’s best to work with a technician when choosing the best filter for your health, family, and HVAC unit. The indoor air quality experts at air on Demand offer air filtration service, and can even help you to find an electronic filter for advanced purification. Give us a call today to get our quality air filtration services in Miami, FL.

Can I Tune Up My Pool Heater on My Own?

March 18th, 2015

When people picture the Florida climate, they probably assume that any home pool could do well without the benefit of a pool heater. However, as you well know, your swimming pool is simply not as enjoyable without it. Your pool heater allows you to make use of your investment no matter what the weather is like outside. However, if the heater is not in the best shape possible, it may not perform as well as you’d like.

When one part of your pool heater is not in top shape it simply cannot run as it was designed to. When just a little bit of refrigerant leaks, for example, you won’t get nearly as much power from your heater, as heat exchange is severely inhibited. Debris in the outside motor can delay heating ability and lead to a sudden breakdown which you may not notice until you jump into the pool on a cool day.

A simple tune up could keep such problems from occurring, especially when performed once a year by a professional. But some people would like to save some money and attempt pool heater maintenance on their own. The problem is that these systems are a bit more complicated than the average homeowner may expect. You’ll need a number of professional grade tools to check pressure levels, temperature output and efficiency. And without a working knowledge of heat pumps, knowing what to look for while disassembling the unit is simply too difficult for the average person.

Furthermore, attempting to work with a pool heater on your own may raise some concerns about safety. The average homeowner is not licensed to handle the most important aspect of a heat pump pool heater: the refrigerant. One must be licensed by the EPA in order to gain access to and dispose of refrigerant legally. And attempting to service a gas pool heater could prove dangerous.

At Air on Demand, our experts perform an 8-point pool heater maintenance check. This includes checking refrigerant levels, compressor performance, contactors, motors, and anything that might affect the efficiency of the system. They’ll let you know if you need to schedule any additional services, or if a replacement is soon in order.

Call Air on demand and ask about our pool heater maintenance in Palmetto Bay today.

What Is the Process Involved with Ductless Installation?

March 11th, 2015

If you are on the hunt for a new ductless heat pump, you may have heard how efficient these units are. Ductless mini split air conditioners move heat from inside of your home to the outside. And in cooler weather, ductless heat pumps can also move heat into the home from the outdoors. Most ductless units are rated highly for efficiency, especially for heating, since less energy is required to move heat into a space than to produce it.

Furthermore, you get the benefits that come with a lack of ductwork. Ductwork can bring dust into a home, and most ducts actually contain cracks and holes that keep air from moving into the home efficiently. A ducted unit may consume additional energy simply because of the flaws commonly found in the ductwork. Prevent the hassle that goes along with duct installation by installing ductless mini split installation in Pinecrest with the experts at Air on Demand.

The Process of Installation

Many people who schedule duct installation are most concerned with avoiding home renovations. Adding ductwork is time-consuming, costly, and changes the structure of the home. With a ductless unit, however, the installation often takes only a day. In fact, you’ll only need to make one small renovation: a hole in the wall through which technicians feed the refrigerant line that connects the inside and outside units.

The outside unit is just like the outside portion of any air conditioning system. This contains an outside condenser coil, a large fan, and the compressor, among other electrical components. Each unit can usually fit up to 4 indoor air handlers, which go high up on the wall of the rooms of your home. You’ll want an air handler in each room or zone of the house in which you require heating and cooling.

While the setup seems fairly simple, there is a lot that goes into it, including careful calculations and sizing, secure mounting of the indoor air handlers, and a precise refrigerant charge. Only trust your ductless mini split air conditioner installation in Pinecrest to experienced technicians, like the friendly team at Air on Demand. Call us today for quality ductless services!

The Benefits of Sheet Metal Ducts

March 4th, 2015

Ducts are necessary for forced-air air conditioning and heating. The ducts in your home serve as a pathway, so that conditioned air can travel into every room in your home. Duct installation is a long and involved process that requires careful planning, precise measurements, and the right type of tools and level of expertise. And you’ll need to select the right type of duct for the job.

Sheet metal ductwork is the most common type of ductwork installed in homes, but it’s not the only type. Some technicians prefer fiberglass duct board, while others prefer flexible ducts. So why does sheet metal remain king? Let’s take a look in today’s guide to installing new sheet metal ductwork in Homestead.

Proven Effectiveness

The main reason to choose sheet metal ductwork is that it is proven to be effective. If you have a new home or an existing home that needs a good set of ducts, sheet metal ductwork is long-lasting and durable. When installed correctly and properly maintained, you may not need any repairs for a long period of time.

Sheet metal ducts have a couple of other benefits as well. Many technicians find that they’re easier to install. There are so many sizes and types of fittings available that sheet metal ductwork should be efficient in nearly any home. Sheet metal ducts can stay cleaner for longer and won’t collect dust as easily as fiberglass duct board.

The Importance of Professional Installation

What you should always keep in mind is that professional installation is key to ducts that run efficiently. Without the right technician for installation, you may notice many problems with your air conditioning and heating system. Most homes have a problem with leaky ducts, which can cause an air conditioner or heater to run up to 30% less efficiently. Often, this is due to amateur installation rather than the work of a skilled HVAC contractor specializing in sheet metal ducts.

Call the experts at Air on Demand for installation of new sheet metal ductwork in Homestead. We install, repair, and seal ducts so that your air conditioning and heating system runs in the most efficient manner possible.

When Is the Best Time for Pool Heater Installation?

February 25th, 2015

Is your swimming pool going to waste during the cooler days? Summer arrives early in Miami, and, most of the year, we get to enjoy the warm weather. A nice dip in the pool is welcome on a hot day, but when temperatures drop below 70 degrees, we hoist up the pool cover and wait for a sunny day. You put a lot of time and money into your swimming pool, but during colder months and chilly nights, you don’t get to take advantage of your investment.

At Air on Demand, we install pool heaters all year round so that you can enjoy your pool no matter what the temperature is outside. Call our friendly technicians today to discuss your options for pool heater installation in Miami.

Why Install a Pool Heater?

The first reason to install a pool heater is so that you can enjoy your pool throughout the year. When visitors come to Miami, they often don’t expect the temperatures to dip below 75 degrees. As we all know, we get our fair share of chilly days and nights. Swimming pools help to give us some much-needed daily exercise and stress relief, so letting that go to waste is a shame.

Furthermore, pool heaters are not very costly to maintain and run. Pool heaters keep your pool warm using heat pump technology to absorb heat from the air and use it to heat up the water. This means that they do no they have to generate heat, but only to move it from one place to another. And they only turn on when needed. This is an efficient mode of heating with a low environmental impact that is often used by homeowners looking to save money on home heating as well.

When Is It Time for Installation?

Don’t wait for another drop in temperatures before scheduling pool heater installation. A pool heater is useful at any time of year so that you can keep your pool at the most comfortable temperature possible. Call Air on Demand to speak with an expert about installation in Miami today so that your new pool heater is waiting for you as soon as the temperature outside is less than ideal.