Why You Should Install a Pool Heater in Palmetto Bay, FL

September 10th, 2014

There are few home luxuries better than a swimming pool. During a sunny summer in Florida, a pool turns your home like a vacation spot, and any weekend day feels like a holiday. But what about the rest of the year? To enjoy the most days possible from your home’s pool, you should have a pool heater installed that broadens how much you can enjoy your pool.

It’s simple to have a pool heater installed: contact the professionals at Air on Demand. We specialize in pool heaters in Palmetto Bay, FL, and our installers will calculate the size and type of pool heater necessary to give you a year-round oasis in your backyard. We also offer pool heater replacement, repair, and maintenance services so you will also be able to enjoy a heated pool whenever you want it.

The Reasons You Should Install a Pool Heater

Direct sunlight on a pool during the summer helps warm up the water. However, the large surface area of a swimming pool allows heat from the water to rapidly escape into the air, so the temperature outside doesn’t have to drop far before the pool cools down to a level that makes it difficult to enjoy. A pool heater replaces the heat lost along the surface and maintains a pleasant temperature that allows you to relax in the pool on a cloudy or overcast day.

A pool heater will give you many more days to spend enjoying the luxurious pleasures of your swimming pool. With the generally mild fall and winter season in Florida, you could potentially use your pool every month of the year. And you won’t have to worry about exorbitant heating costs if you rely on professionals for the installation work. The technicians will help you select from a number of different models (electric resistance heaters, heat pumps) to match with the size of your pool (specifically its surface area), local temperatures, and the cost of power in your area so that your receive the most cost-effective heating system. And once the heater is installed, you can expect years of excellent service from it: when you multiply those years by the number of extra days you’ll be able to enjoy the pool annually, you will see the huge advantage of deciding on installing a pool heater.

The team at Air on Demand has many years of experience with sizing and installing pool heaters in Palmetto Bay, FL. Call us today for an appointment so we can look over your pool and find out what it needs for comfortable, year-round heating.

The Fashion of Wearing White and Labor Day

September 1st, 2014

You may have heard about the fashion faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day. In the present, this tradition is usually treated as old fashioned and a joke. Few people will criticize you for wearing white articles of clothing after the first Monday in September, or even take notice of it except to wonder why it was ever a major concern at all.

Where did this tradition of white clothing going out of fashion after Labor Day come from, and why did it fade away like colorful fabric washed in a hot load in the washing machine?

In general, white makes sense for the heat of summer. Light-colored clothing reflects away the radiant heat of the sun, instead of absorbing it the way dark colors do, so for thousands of years of human history people have preferred to wear white clothing during the hotter months.

However, the idea of white as strictly fashionable during the summer season only emerged in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—the time when the very concept of “fashion” began to spread across the Western Hemisphere.

It was only the highest level of post-Civil War society in the U.S. that strict and often bizarre rules for fashion controlled whether someone was in with the “in” crowd. Compared to our ideas of what’s fashionable today, the Czars of Style in the 1880s were true despots. Things as trivial as sleeve length could determine whether a woman in high society—no matter her level of wealth—was fashionable or a pariah.

Wearing white during the only summer, when it was common for weddings and outdoor parties, was only of these restrictive society rules. When the U.S. government made Labor Day a federal holiday in 1894, the Fashion Czars gained a definite cut-off point for when wearing white was no longer “acceptable” in the upper echelons of wealthy society.

For many decades, this rule only applied to a small number of millionaire socialites in a few big cities, but in the 1950s it reached general fashion magazines that were read around the country and started to affect more people.

But time eventually broke apart this odd rule, and during the 1970s fashion became more individual. Some fashion legends, like Coco Chanel, also purposely rejected the restriction and wore white throughout the year. Today, the “no white after Labor Day rule” is little more than an amusing gag to tease friends, and almost nobody takes it seriously.

Whatever you choose to wear after Labor Day (and if it’s white, we won’t tease!), everyone here at Air on Demand hopes you have a happy end of the summer and great plans for the fall!

Air Conditioner Problems That Can Happen When You Don’t Change the Air Filter

August 27th, 2014

The air filter in your AC may help you breathe more easily as it keeps unwanted pollutants like dust and bacteria out of the air. But if you don’t maintain your air filter, these particulates can build up over time and clog the filter. Not only will this affect the quality of the air, it may also prevent your air conditioner from working as it should. Sometimes, problems with your air conditioner may be solved by simply changing the filter. But when a clogged filter affects other components of your system, you should call a professional for air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

One problem that may be fixed by simply changing the filter is low efficiency. The indoor portion of your air conditioner uses a fan to suck in warm air from your home and remove heat from the air. However, your air conditioner will struggle with this process if a dirty filter blocks airflow to the evaporator coil. As your air conditioner works harder and runs longer to cool the air, your energy bills go up. Luckily, this problem may be solved by simply replacing the filter.

However, some problems will require the services of an air conditioning repair technician. If the indoor fan cannot blow enough air over the evaporator coil, it may begin to freeze. A frozen evaporator may mean you feel limited cooling from your air conditioner or no cool air at all. And if you attempt to fix the problem on your own by scraping off the coil, you may only make it worse. Low airflow can cause problems for your home and other parts of your air conditioner, so seek repairs as soon as you notice the signs.

Check with your manufacturer to find out whether your air filter can be cleaned or whether you need to purchase a replacement filter. You should clean or replace the filter about once a month, although this number varies depending on use.

To keep problems from occurring with your air conditioner, call Air on Demand for regular maintenance. However, if your air conditioner does run into problems, call us today for air conditioning repair in Doral, FL.

3 Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

August 20th, 2014

Ductless air conditioning as an option for home comfort has taken off during the last two decades. Originally, ductless mini splits were used primarily for businesses (they are especially popular for restaurants) but their numerous benefits have made them impossible for homeowners to pass up.

If your home is right for installation of a ductless mini split AC, you should give the idea serious consideration. We’ll look at some of the advantages you can enjoy when your go ductless for cooling down your home.

Air on Demand installs ductless mini split air conditioners in Miami, FL. This is a complex job, and isn’t something you want to delegate to inexperienced amateurs (or attempt to do yourself) so contact our team when you think that ductless is your best choice.

3 of the Benefits of Ductless ACs

  • They also provide heat: Ductless air conditioners are actually ductless mini split heat pumps. That means they can provide heating as well as cooling. Heat pumps are excellent for Florida weather, since they work as well as any standalone air conditioner of comparable size and can ably handle our mild winters while in heating mode.
  • They help protect indoor air quality: One of the unfortunate problems with ductwork is that it collects dust, dirt, dander, and other contaminating particles, which is then blown out into your home’s air and recirculated. Only regular duct cleaning can prevent this. When you eliminate ducts with the installation of a ductless mini split, you take away this reservoir for pollutants and help keep your air healthier without the need for regular cleaning. If you have people with allergies or asthma living in your home, going ductless can make their lives much easier.
  • Energy savings: Ductless mini split heat pumps send conditioned air into your home through wall-mounted blower units, each which connects to the outside unit. Because you can individually control the blowers, you only have to send conditioned air to the parts of the house that need it. Unlike a central AC, you don’t have to cool down the entire house each time the system comes on, and this will lead to a reduction in your utility bills. You will also reduce the energy loss that can happen along the length of ductwork, increasing your savings.

Ductless mini splits are not right for every home: they work best for new construction, remodeling, add-on rooms, or for older and historic homes that lack the room for ducts. If you are unsure about installation, call the professionals at Air on Demand. We can look over your home and your current AC and determine if installing one of our ductless mini split air conditioners in Miami, FL is your best option for year-round comfort.

How Do Commercial HVAC Systems Differ from Residential Systems?

August 13th, 2014

Would you mow several acres of lawn with a push mower, or use a motorcycle for a family of 5? These are strong examples, but they demonstrate one of the key ways residential HVAC systems are different from commercial ones: size. While there are common, fundamental mechanics between commercial and residential systems, the systems are not the same. Working with professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed for commercial HVAC service is important for both you and your business. For over 30 years, Air on Demand has been providing commercial HVAC services in Pinecrest, and our trained technicians are available for any commercial repair you may need.

What Are the Differences?

As we stated above, one of the biggest differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems is their size. But there are others that are also important:

  • Many are packaged units – because commercial HVAC systems have to cover a great deal more square footage than the average household, they are often manufactured as one large unit called a packaged unit. These units are called packaged because all the components – the compressor, condenser and evaporator – are all housed in a single cabinet. This makes repair work easier because the components are more accessible.
  • Complex drainage – a commercial HVAC system covers large spaces; as such, the drainage system is far more complex than the simple condensate tray and drain you’ll find in a residential property.
  • Use of modular units – over the last few years, modular units have become very popular in the commercial HVAC industry due to their flexible nature. As businesses move in and out of spaces, cooling needs can vary; with a modular system, these needs can be met without having to re-design the cooling for that space. If less cooling is needed, one of the modular units can be removed; if more is needed, a modular unit can be added.

Having the proper amount of cooling is vital to your business. Do you really want to trust it to a company that doesn’t specialize in commercial HVAC services in Pinecrest? If you have been experiencing problems with your commercial HVAC system, call the professionals you can count on: Air on Demand.

What the ENERGY STAR Means for Your Air Conditioning

August 6th, 2014

While cost is an important consideration for most homeowners when shopping for a new air conditioner, the price tag should not be your sole consideration when searching for a system that will save you money. Air conditioning accounts for a large portion of energy bills in the summer, so you should look for an energy-efficient system that will save money over time.

The U.S. government requires all air conditioning manufacturers to provide information about the efficiency of the unit. The rating system used to identify this is known as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The SEER is calculated by determining the cooling capacity of an air conditioner in a standard cooling season and dividing this number by its total energy consumption. While the government only requires air conditioners to have a SEER of 13 or higher in order to be sold in the U.S., systems must have a SEER of 14 or greater to earn the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA has established a set of guidelines that air conditioners must meet to earn the ENERGY STAR. While a high SEER is an important consideration when purchasing a new air conditioner, you should also pay attention to whether or not your new system has received this distinguished symbol. ENERGY STAR systems meet strict guidelines of both performance and efficiency and release fewer pollutants into the air than conventional models.

While the ENERGY STAR label can help you determine energy efficiency, a high number alone will not save you money year after year. First, the system must be installed properly so that it doesn’t run into problems early on. Second, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that your system remains efficient throughout its life. Be sure to clean or replace air filters about once a month and schedule maintenance every year. Scheduling maintenance with an AC technician helps restore some efficiency and improve performance.

An AC technician can help you find a system with the ENERGY STAR label, calculate the proper size, and professionally install the unit. For professional air conditioning service in South Dade, pick up the phone and call Air on Demand today to speak with a qualified technician about your AC needs.

Upgrades to Consider with Air Conditioning Installation

July 31st, 2014

Purchasing a new air conditioning system may be a big investment, but the upgrades you choose upon installation can save you a lot of money every month. Choosing to replace an older system may be a positive experience when you upgrade to an air conditioner with a high SEER or replace your older thermostat with a digital, programmable model, both of which are available when you choose air conditioning installation in South Miami with Air on Demand.


If you need a new air conditioner, you can select a system with a high SEER, which means you’ll notice immediate savings. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of an air conditioner’s efficiency calculated by dividing the cooling capacity of an AC by its total energy consumption. This rating system is printed on the EnergyGuide of every air conditioning system. The efficiency of an air conditioner reduces over time, and newer systems generally have much higher SEERs than older systems.

Digital, Programmable Thermostats

Some people choose to keep their older thermostat with new AC installation, but if you’re holding onto a manual thermostat with dials and sliders, you may lose money and sacrifice some comfort. These thermostats are often difficult to read and calibrate, so you may never get the temperature set to where you want it. Furthermore, these thermostats may cost you. Even if you set the temperature only one or two degrees lower than you need it, you will spend much more on cooling costs than you should.

A new, programmable, digital thermostat can help save you money and can keep you more comfortable in your home. Digital thermostats are easier to read for greater accuracy, and programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature to your preferences far in advance. Rather than keep the air conditioner on when you leave the house, you can set the thermostat to come on thirty minutes before you arrive to reduce energy consumption.

To install an AC in South Miami, ask the experts at Air on Demand which upgrades are best for your home. To see more energy savings with your new air conditioner, give us a call today!

What Is the Difference between Rooftop Units and Other ACs?

July 21st, 2014

When it comes to commercial air conditioning, the great workhorses are rooftop units. People are accustomed to seeing rows of air conditioner cabinets along the top of office and retail buildings. Some commercial buildings still use “split” systems that are similar to the ones seen in residential housing, while restaurants and bars often use ductless heat pumps that send conditioned air wall-mounted blowers that are connected to an outdoor condenser. But the rooftop unit, because of its space saving quality and ease of service, continues to be the most popular for business use.

What actually differentiates rooftop units from other HVAC systems, aside from their location? We’ll look into this, and it may help you make the decision for what sort of heating and cooling system you want for your business location.

For detailed information on how rooftop units in Coral Gables, FL will work for your company, call Air on Demand and ask about commercial HVAC services today.

What Sets the Rooftop Unit Apart From Other ACs

Rooftop units are what are known as package units in the HVAC industry. A package unit is set apart from a split system, which is the common type of air conditioner/heat pump found in houses. A split system has an outdoor cabinet and an indoor cabinet with different sets of components. The outdoor cabinet has a compressor, fan, and a condenser coil; the indoor cabinet has a blower, dampers, air handler, and evaporator coil, and hooks into the ventilation system.

With a rooftop package unit, all the components are housed in one cabinet stored on the top of the building. Both sets of coils, to release and absorb heat, are in the cabinet along with the compressors and the fans. The unit connects directly into the building’s ventilation system to circulate the air.

Rooftop units can be configured either as air conditioners, or as heat pump capable of both heating and cooling. With installation of a humidistat on a rooftop unit, it can also control humidity and permit the ventilation of fresh air into the system; this is a benefit that split systems do not have, and it is a great asset for increasing indoor air quality.

Rooftop units come in an enormous array of types and sizes, and you will need to have professionals help you select the right unit or units to install for your business. The comfort of your employees, customers, and/or clients rests on making the correct decision for rooftop units in Coral Gables, FL, so make sure you have an experience commercial HVAC company handling the work for you: call Air on Demand. We carry Trane rooftop units from 1.5 tons up to 162 tons of cooling capacity.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Installation Service

July 15th, 2014

If you need a new air conditioner in South Miami, FL, there’s no time to wait! You need to find an air conditioning installation service right away, but how do you choose the right one? Air conditioning installation is a delicate process, and you want to be certain your technician will be honest and dependable. The following guide can help you choose an AC technician that will do the job right.

Air conditioning installation is an intricate process that should always be handled by a professional. If your air conditioning system is not installed correctly, you may run into many costly repair issues later on or high energy bills. For example, if your AC unit is not sized properly for your home, your unit may have to work harder to keep you cool. This not only drives up energy costs, but also causes some parts to wear out sooner than they should, which means you’ll have to pay to replace them sooner than is necessary. For this reason, you should never attempt installation on your own.

The air conditioning installation service you choose should discuss pricing options with you during your scheduled estimate. Air conditioners are available within a number of price ranges. If you’d like to save energy every month, ask your AC technician if there is a system available with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). A lower SEER may help you save on the initial cost of installation, but your energy bills may be higher every month.

Furthermore, the air conditioning installation technician you choose should discuss all of the different air conditioning systems available to you. Your technician should be willing to discuss ductless and central air conditioning options for homes with unique needs.

You should also choose an air conditioning installation service that offers repair and maintenance services as well. If your technician does a good job, you may choose to contact the company for future repairs. This will be easier for you and will help you be sure the technician knows the ins and outs of the particular system installed in your home.

For professional air conditioning installation in South Miami, FL, call Air on Demand today!

Signs You Need to Call for Commercial HVAC Services

July 10th, 2014

If your business is housed in a building with a properly installed HVAC system to provide heating and cooling, you shouldn’t encounter many problems with operating. However, because commercial systems are required to run for many hours—far more than any residential system—they will suffer from a large amount of wear and tear. Although regular maintenance will go a long way to alleviating this issue, you may still need to call in professionals to handles repairs.

There are some of the signs that you may need call on commercial HVAC services in Kendall, FL. Make sure that you contact a company with experience on heating and cooling businesses; this isn’t a job that anyone familiar with residential HVAC can handle. Look to Air on Demand and our NATE-certified technicians for the next time you need service to restore the comfort of your workplace.

Here Are Signs to Call for Commercial HVAC Services

  • Uneven temperatures: A common issue that can occur in commercial HVAC systems is trouble with the zone dampers and the thermostats. Commercial systems are larger than residential ones, and they need to use multiple thermostats to control a large number of zones. When people in the workspace start to complain about rooms that are too stuffy or too cold, the issue may be with the zone control. It’s also possible that the packaged rooftop unit has lost cooling/heating power (such as because of leaking refrigerant). Call for professionals to look into the uneven temperatures.
  • Appearance of water condensation in the workplace: This is an issue specific to a Miami summer. Because air conditioning helps to combat high humidity levels (when it absorbs heat from the air, it also absorbs moisture), when it starts to malfunction, humidity inside the building will rise. This will first show up as condensation along windows and other external surfaces. At the first sign of condensation problems, call for assistance from repair professionals.
  • Strange smells from the vents: Acrid or moldy/musty smells coming from the vents usually point to repair issues. The burning smells sometimes point toward motor and electrical problems inside the rooftop unit(s) that will need to have technicians replace the burnt out parts. Musty and moldy smells usually indicate that there are leaks and breaks along the ventilation system that will require sealing. Bring in commercial specialists to look over the system and determine where the issues are and then fix them.

Air on Demand takes pride in the skill of our team for providing quality HVAC services in Kendall, FL. When the comfort of your employees, customers, clients, and/or tenants is in jeopardy because of a malfunctioning HVAC system, make us your first call. Contact us today and let us know about you commercial HVAC needs.